Arzare leads the applied Engineering of radio remote control from the year 1993 for the increase of the productivity and security in the work in sectors like the Industrial in manufacturing, steel and logistic as well as for Machine of Public work, Machine of Mining, Mobile hydraulics , Waste recycling, Concrete or concrete manufacturing and transport, Drilling and foundations, Tunneling machines, Sewer cleaning and maintenance, Building Maintenance Gondolas, Maritime Fishing and Boating, Machinery for Agriculture and Forestry, Explosive environments, petrochemicals, Collaboration with Engineering in projects and special developments, logistics and aviation support teams, logistics in transportation of persons conveyors and escalators, data transmission, etc.

To this end we offer you our extensive experience in custom engineering to your projects related to remote control and we adapt to the characteristics and needs of your projects.os.

s mentioned at the beginning our remote controls are working in 24-hour shifts making components such as tubes for wind power in different parts of the world, such as the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, India and Spain. From 2004 until today, more than 2000 hydraulic units were installed in different models of hydraulic cranes fighting against a competition that had 100% of the national market in their possession and where the IMET Remote Control with hydra system was a complete unknown.

In the Construction Cranes and Concrete Pumps sector we were able to conquer a wide market introduction thanks to a great experience in radio frequency and the quality of the radios manufactured by IMET with a high Selectivity and sensitivity, immune to noise and interference.

There are many more examples of what we have documented in projects that have been completed and which can be enjoyed by reading how they have been carried out and in what situation they are.

Industrial engineers, specialists in electronics, mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics, assembly, maintenance and control of remote controls that together with a wide technical means, allows us to offer an integrated service and Highly professional and with the guarantee of a company that includes processes of quality in its production.

In continuous growth and abreast of the new technological developments of the RADIO CONTROL, from our Engineering section we offer services to all sectors mentioned above and we adapt to your economic possibilities of economic activity with a qualified and experienced team of professionals.