Our company was born in 1993 and is one of the most important companies in the sector of remote controls.

The first remote controls were dedicated to the construction and concrete sectors, but during the following years, as a result of the increasing needs for productivity and safety in the industrial and construction sectors, the demand for radio control increase always more.

Thanks to its human resources, and also due to its propensity for a continuous process of technological innovation and R & D, we were able to conquer in a short time a position of leadership and protagonism within the national market.


Our remote controls increase the safety, productivity and efficiency of your application, guaranteeing simple and comfortable everyday movements.

It is possible to choose from the numerous models of a wide range to measure for each sector:Construction, Industrial lifting, hydraulic cranes, concrete pumping, forestry applications, drilling, industrial automation.

Our radiomandos will be the best answer to your personalization requirements allowing you to work with full security Without any further links to the machine. What will imply a new and more comfortable way of operating, attentive to the optimization of the human resources and the reduction of the risks in the work.

our new website that has been totally redesigned in design and content. Rich in information, images and more simple to facilitate the search of the most suitable product for your needs.

¡Inside the world of radio controls!


Today the company has a wide and complete range of products capable of satisfying the most diverse needs of all sectors.

As well as standard equipment, which have been devised for the most common application sectors, such as the hydraulic crane or the construction, crane bridges and concrete pumps. IMET also designs Telemandos for customized applications requested by the Customers, which satisfy the most different control requirements.

IMET is present in 20 countries with its sales and support network. The main factors of success come from the firm conviction of carrying out the design, R & D and manufacturing processes in our mother house IMET.

Thanks to the natural propensity of the company towards careful planning of its resources, the UNI EN ISO9001: 2000 quality mark has been achieved since 1998.

Sin más vínculos con la maquina que el de la atención centrada en el trabajo.