We are a group of companies with full dedication to the Service and Engineering of Application of the Radio Control for all type of Machinery, Procedures of Regulation and Transmission of Data.

Our experience and knowledge in problems of radio frequencies and automatisms of electrical and hydraulic machinery provide us with a complete ability to detect and solve problems, offering the customer total technical and economic efficiency.

We are the axis of union between the manufacturer of Machinery and the manufacturer of Radio Controls.

Our Engineering is always looking for new applications for Radio Control.

We offer the best solution, optimizing work and increasing safety in all types of machinery:

RENFE locomotives
– Backhoes
– Auto cranes
– Robotics
– Automations
– Data Transmission, etc…

As for the handling of the hoisting machine in the industrial sector (bridge cranes, gantry, semi-porticos and hoists) and for the construction sector (self-erecting cranes and tower cranes) Operator with the machine, hindering the possibility of finding the ideal position to carry out the works without risk of accident, next to suspended loads of high tonnage.

For this reason it generates the demand of the remote control that after several tests with different technologies decanta by the most efficient of the remote control by radiofrequency.

Since the manufacturers of Cranes are not aware of these technologies, the Telemandos or Radio Controls are developed by specialized companies or the telecommunications sector that can generate the adequate product to perfect the Cranes in its profitable operation and with the addition of the Physical security for the user.