RAdded industrial control = + safety, + productivity, + efficiency

The radio command belongs to a modern context in which the concepts of security, productivity, freedom of movement are and will always be more dominant.

From this point of view, this becomes an indispensable working instrument for the reduction of occupational risks and increase of productivity.

By means of the radio control, the operator can position itself in the point of the best visibility and safety of handling. The absence of cables allows the operator to control the crane or the machine in an autonomous manner without the need for indications from other operators.

The industrial radio control system is distinguished from other wireless control systems by various aspects of design and manufacturing:


You must be sure that no other Telemarketer (other applicators) can control your application (Telemando) thanks to the communication channel protected by a unique identification code that IMET assign to each radio command.


Continuous transmission between sending and receiving units is essential. The information is sent in a form of numerical protocol and verified in the receiver by powerful algorithms of control that guarantee the absolute correspondence of the functions executed by the receiver with those imparted by the transmitter.

In the event of interference or interruption, the receiver will stop automatically.


Our radiomandos are designed and manufactured with maximum safety and reliability in mind.

In particular, dual microprocessor logic and cross-control logic are used, E-Stop circuit monitored with double safety relay, movement controls associated with the Safety-Stop relay, complete test when the transmitter and receiver is turned on and the fault indicator is easy To diagnose by binary code reading on sender and receiver.


The manufacturing principles of the receiver units based on concepts of modularity and flexibility, make that as well as the emitting units, also these can be customized according to their needs. This results in minimum installation and maintenance times and costs. ARRGROUP offers you 4 types of receivers and numerous types of wiring depending on your application.

The models L, H and K are equipped with IP65 enclosures while the M model, with boxes for fastening in DIN rail, ideal to be applied inside the electrical cabinet of the machine. The K-model receiving unit, specific for machines using a CAN-BUS communication protocol.

The different typologies of the connections are possible with: PG presses, multipolar connector with attachment in the box or overhead.


¿Your crane is equipped only with manual mechanical controls?

The solution to make your work simpler, safer and more efficient:HYDRA-SYSTEM. A system of very compact hydroelectric servomotors to be combined with our radio controls, whose installation does not require works that alter the hydraulic system of the machine.

The main characteristic of IMET HYDRA-SYSTEM is the complete separation of the hydraulic circuit from the hydraulics servo motors of the hydraulic system of the crane as it is fed from an electro-hydraulic power unit with 12Vdc or 24Vdc power supplies.

Another advantage of the electro-hydraulic control unit is the reduced wear of the electric motor, since it is activated only when a maneuver is demanded and consists of the optimized management of the control unit by means of a Electronic card that integrates the functions “soft start” and activation “on demand” (on request).