Tips for your battery to give as much time as possible

When the battery is new, do a full charge / discharge / recharge.

  1. Charge the battery to 100%: leave it plugged in 12 hours.
  2. Once charged, use the battery until the charge goes down. When the message appears warning that there is low battery, ignore it.
  3. Plug it in immediately and load it again at 100%.
  4. Then use it normally, and repeat these steps every 1 or 2 months.

Daily Use

  • Prevent the battery from fully discharging, reloading it once it reaches 10%.
  • There is no problem with leaving the machine plugged in (on or off), but once or twice a week it is best to unplug it and let the battery drop by up to 10% The cells of the battery).
  • Turn off the machine at night. The heat produced by the machine itself unnecessarily damages the battery.
  • If the machine heats more than normal (eg when it is hot) and many hours will be used, let the battery discharge up to 40% / Li>
  • Avoiding loads / short shocks